In a nutshell,

you get back what you put into it. It all begins with crafting effective site content, including a sound SEO plan that will help the search engines find you. After your site goes live, we submit your URL to the top search engines. We encourage promotion of your site at any opportunity and to boost site traffic with opt-in email lists, and linking programs. Optional marketing plans include express submissions, banner ads, pay per click and keyword sponsorship.

Looking to quickly reach your customer?

Sending a broadcast email is a cost-effective way to communicate and maintain a personal connection with your customers. Our service provides automated confirmations for opt-in and sign-out as well as list maintenance. Every detail is covered, including the concept, design, copywriting, photography, html layout and final delivery. Results are immediately noticeable and response is easily measurable.

A beautifully designed,

strategic website is nothing if you don’t have the right resources in place to support it. TMA web hosting facilities offer a full range of services including database management and back-end programming. Our back-up servers guarantee virtually no down time, and you will receive full access to website activity status reports.

Easier than conventional survey methods,

paperless web surveys are a valuable marketing tool offering a simple way to get in touch with your client's wants and needs. We offer data output in any specified format, including real-time, online results.

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